Great Lakes shipwrecks could be highlighted if Wisconsin becomes a National Marine Sanctuary

Deep below the surface of Lake Michigan, dozens of known shipwrecks stay intact because of isolated locations, frigid water and a lack of salt to erode what has sunk.

3 days ago
A whirlwind tour of New Mexico proves enchanting

Having traveled through much of the American Southwest, from the golden California coast to the red deserts and majestic forests of Nevada, Arizona, Utah and Colorado, I had

1 week ago
Five iconic trips to take if you really love baseball

If you love baseball, these iconic spots belong on your roster.

2 weeks ago
Couples can tie the knot for $600 at a Las Vegas Taco Bell

Las Vegas is famous for its quick and quirky weddings replete with serenading Elvis impersonators, drive-through chapels and mob-themed nuptials.

2 weeks ago
A winter vacation in Kansas City means Hallmark and plenty of museums to keep you occupied

It’s true that winter visitors to Kansas City, Mo., won’t be able to watch a Royals baseball game, attend outdoor concerts and art fairs, or enjoy the spray from

3 weeks ago
New free-roaming virtual reality game featured at Wisconsin Dells resort

I am gingerly following a narrow, stone walkway, but then the path ends abruptly. 

1 month ago
Biking 100 miles from Key Largo to Key West in Florida

KEY LARGO, Fla. — Driving the 100-plus miles that link the Florida Keys’ limestone and coral islands ranks as one of America’s epic road trips.

1 month ago
After devastating wildfires, Gatlinburg, Tenn., welcomes back tourists

The grand opening, in this town on the edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park and five scenic miles from Gatlinburg, Tenn., had been in the works for months.

1 month ago
Prognosticators predict the top travel trends for 2017

Visionaries bring out their crystal ball in January and share what they know, think or hope for the new year. 

1 month ago
Monticello, Jefferson's iconic home and plantation in Virginia, is worth a visit

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. — It only took a few hours to realize the tremendous impact Thomas Jefferson had on our country.

1 month ago
Indy's Central Canal offers cultural district with exciting museums

To see the Central Canal in downtown Indianapolis today, you’d never guess that work on this scenic, energetic, culture-filled area was at one time stopped and the

2 months ago
Ice Castles attraction in Wisconsin Dells features towers, tunnels, trails, slides and more

A farmer’s progress comes at the mercy of Mother Nature, and that’s true for Don Beck’s crew in Wisconsin Dells, too. 

2 months ago
Cruising the waterways of the czars in surprising, sprawling Russia

Three historic cathedrals, crowned by pristine white towers with golden domes, surround an open square. 

2 months ago
What is a hero? New Kennedy Space Center exhibit tries to answer that question

Space memorabilia and astronaut tales are almost always a draw. Just ask the people who run the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, which gets more than 1.5 million

2 months ago
Ottawa plans world-class celebration for Canada's 150th birthday

Jim Watson, the mayor of Canada’s capital, joined the Ottawa 2017 briefing in progress. 

3 months ago
Madison museum honors veterans

This presidential election sure felt like a nationwide battle, regardless of whether you think we won or lost, and that is what compelled me to visit the Wisconsin Veterans

3 months ago
Eight things to love about sea days while cruising

When you are deciding on the perfect cruise, it’s easy to overlook the importance of sea days in the itinerary. 

3 months ago
World War II aviation art on display in Oshkosh

OSHKOSH — Artwork on an unconventional canvas — World War II combat planes — is the subject of a new exhibit at a Wisconsin aviation museum.

3 months ago
A behind-the-scenes look at the world's largest cruise ship

Operating the world’s largest cruise ship means a lot of moving parts.

3 months ago
Peaceful sleep no goal at this Manitowoc inn

What’s the difference between a clown and a mime? 

4 months ago
Eating our way through Indianapolis

What we requested from the concierge at our Indianapolis hotel was a walking map of downtown, which he cordially provided. 

4 months ago
Visiting Bob Dylan country in northern Minnesota

When Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature last month, his lyrics were compared to the work of long-ago Greek poets.

4 months ago
Visiting Yosemite Valley by foot

Years ago a friend of mine described the impressive beauty of Yosemite National Park to me after she had visited with her family. 

5 months ago
Man takes U.S. road trips through 15 states

From the majestic mountains of Colorado, Wyoming and Montana to the almost mesmerizing hills and valleys of the Blue Ridge Parkway, recent treks to both sides our country

5 months ago
Noah’s Ark in Kentucky is something to see

WILLIAMSTOWN, Ky. — I’d been on Noah’s Ark all of 20 minutes when the question that hung over every step was finally put to me: “Do you believe?

5 months ago
Ten reasons why Marshfield is interesting place to spend some time

Near the geographic center of Wisconsin is Marshfield, population 19,000 and unusual because the city sits in both Wood and Marathon counties. 

5 months ago
Canada’s Newfoundland offers unique town names and beautiful scenery

Canada’s Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador is littered with lines. There are fishing lines, clotheslines, ancestral lines, beelines, cod lines, lines laden

5 months ago
New Vikings home is architectural marvel mixing artistry with athletics

A 17-inch December blizzard tore the puffy roof of the Minneapolis Metrodome in 2010, and three years later the Teflon-coated dome would collapse for the fifth and last time.

6 months ago
Wisconsin offers many road and trail riding opportunities for bicyclists

Fifty years have passed since abandoned railroad tracks were converted into the 32.5-mile Elroy-Sparta State Trail, the first U.S. rail-to-trail project, and now at least 1,

6 months ago
Washington's Olympic Peninsula offers dramatic extremes

If you depart Wisconsin and travel as far west as you possibly can in the continental U.S., you will, of course, eventually run out of land.

6 months ago
Greenville, S.C., springs to life

GREENVILLE, S.C. — A river ran through it. Falls, too. But nobody noticed.

7 months ago
Wautoma summer camp gives adults a chance to revisit, sort of, fond childhood memories

Before morning yoga begins, the teacher asks for introductions. 

7 months ago
Bermuda offers beauty, variety

HAMILTON, Bermuda — This small island — only 21 square miles in size and 650 miles off the coast of Cape Hatteras, N.C. — gave the world shorts (still used

7 months ago
Geneva Lake mailboat tour also entertains its visitors

With three blasts of the whistle, to signify that we’re backing up, downtown Lake Geneva’s most unique boat tour begins.

8 months ago
River cruising offers great look at historical Egyptian sites

On the top deck of the cruise ship River Tosca, the swimming pool was cool and inviting in the afternoon heat. 

8 months ago
Wisconsin offers a lot of beach choices

The arrival of summer means it’s time to hit the beach, and we have a lot of choices in Wisconsin. 

8 months ago
Back home again to Bloomington

You can’t go home again, so the saying goes, but my recent trip back to Bloomington, Ind., proves that old chestnut isn’t always true. 

8 months ago
Ephraim ending 163-year-old alcohol ban

<p>Much distinguishes Ephraim, population 288, from other hamlets in tourist-friendly Door County.</p> <p>The local yacht club — organized in

8 months ago
Monterey Peninsula: California's rugged beauty at its best

It’s been called the American Riviera — a marriage of jagged rocks and pounding surf, where sheltered coves hug the coastline and wildflowers and vineyards carpet

9 months ago
Everyone feels at home at Colorado's Fishing Camp

LAKE GEORGE, Colo. — “If you’ve tried three flies and still haven’t hooked one of these guys,” said Scott Tarrant, wading farther out into the

9 months ago
Hawaii's Hanauma Bay on Oahu rated top U.S. beach for 2016

HONOLULU — When you come upon an ocean bay that has features known as “Toilet Bowl” and “Witch’s Brew,” you may not envision a welcoming

9 months ago
Another circus season is underway in Baraboo

A note from Dave SaLoutos ends this way: “May all your days be circus days,” and he means it. 

9 months ago
Road trip to the Deep South with no specific itinerary

Many times, when I take an annual driving trek around the U.S., I have no particular itinerary or destinations. But, I do visit new spots, meet interesting people and try new

10 months ago
Spam Museum moves to new downtown spot in Austin, Minn

The Spam Museum has opened under the bright lights of downtown.

10 months ago
Seeing central California by foot on family vacation

Do you know the very best way to take the measure of central California?

10 months ago
Belle of the Bluegrass: Lexington offers a variety of features

LEXINGTON, Ky. — If you’re going to spend any time in this gracious city in Kentucky’s scenic Bluegrass, know that it’s less important to mind your

11 months ago
Vacationing with Fido: Wisconsin tourism becoming more pet friendly

Dog lovers who don’t want to leave their pet at home might think campgrounds and the occasional cabin are their only options for full-family getaways, but a few of

11 months ago
Rancho Obi-Wan in California is home to world's largest 'Star Wars' private memorabilia collection

PETALUMA, Calif. —My descriptive powers, which I’d like to think are well-developed after years of pumping irony, fail utterly to convey the depth, breadth and

12 months ago
Two Rivers museum devoted to study, production and preservation of wood type

Sometimes I refer to my freelance writing business as The Word Factory because that is what I churn out from one day to the next. 

1 year ago