Sunday, January 21, 2018


  • Tree Processor, Eau Claire County

    Wilford Martin, of Martin's Forestry in Boyd, operates a tree processor on an Eau Claire County tree sale. The Martins work primarily with the county and private landowners to process trees used for pulp, bolts and saw logs. →

  • Holtby Museum

    Holtby Museum educator Melissa Kneeland talks about the new museum and its offerings. Groups are being sought to help tryout activities at the Holtby Museum that will open to all visitors Dec. 23. →

  • Veteran's Day Flag Salute

    Menomonie Honor Guard honors veterans at the Middle School for Veteran's Day with a flag salute. →

  • Irvington haunted yard

    Lonna Doaneof irvington loves to decorate for Halloween and share the spooky fun with families. →

  • Steering into the Skid

    Actors Jim Pounds and Danette McCarthy perform in a skit Steering into the Skid as Tim and Amanda, a couple dealing with the early progression of dementia. →

  • Secrets of UW-Stout

    UW-Stout director of archives and the area research center Heather Stecklein took about 20 people Wednesday on a tour sharing some of the campus history and secrets. →

  • The Foreigner at Mabel Tainter

    Menomonie Theater Guild’s latest production "The Foreigner" is a satirical poke at bigotry and xenophobia. The show runs Oct. 13-22 at the Mabel Tainter Center for the Arts. →

  • Wendy Sue Johnson speaks on gerrymandered districts

    An Eau Claire attorney was present today as the U.S. Supreme Court began hearing oral arguments in a case that could overturn reworked legislative districts in Wisconsin and elsewhere across the nation. Wendy Sue Johnson, a plaintiff in the case, said she hopes the fight to overturn a reworking of Wisconsin’s legislative districts by Republicans in 2011 serves to inspire others “to not give up on issues that matter to them, but to get more involved.” Johnson addressed a rally outside the Supreme Court building after the court heard the case. →

  • Belly Dancing

    Rita Simon, 64, of Chippewa Falls leads part of a Lasa Anahata Tribal belly dancing class on Wednesday at Dragonfly Dance and Wellness in Eau Claire. →

  • Spelling Bee

    The Menomonie Theater Guild's latest production is the musical comedy "The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee." →

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