Experts: Dial into your kids’ phone use

For many tweens heading into middle school, the transition from elementary school won’t be marked only by new teachers, class schedules and locker assignments, but also

1 week ago
Tips help kindergartners through college students cope with school stress

Going back to school is exciting, invigorating — and stressful.

1 week ago
Affordable Care Act gives working moms a break, supports breastfeeding rights

Nearly 85 percent of Wisconsin moms — and 79 percent of those nationwide — breastfeed their newborns, but rates decrease as babies get older and women return to

2 weeks ago
From rail spikes to trail bikes: Elroy-Sparta route marks 50th anniversary

NORWALK — At the far end of the three-quarter-mile-long tunnel, hooting voices could be heard overlaid by responding echoes and the steady spatter of precipitation

3 weeks ago
Breaking the ice with a college roommate

Coming onto campus and meeting your new college roommate can be “pretty intimidating,” acknowledges a UW-Eau Claire resident assistant.

4 weeks ago
Doctor uses patients' relationship stories to improve their care

PHILADELPHIA — Dr. Danielle Snyderman’s fascination with the love lives of her elderly patients began after a woman in her late 80s suffered a series of falls.

4 weeks ago