Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Wisconsin Public Notices

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Wisconsin government is keeping you informed

The newspapers of the Wisconsin Newspaper Association (WNA) have launched — our comprehensive, searchable, statewide public notice website.

The site enhances government’s longstanding practice of distributing public information via newspapers. It’s a free resource available to all, offering a direct link to public notices that are first published by newspapers from around our state.

Our Legislature has long understood the value of an informed citizenry and has always mandated that public notices be published in ink, on paper, in the newspapers across Wisconsin.

With studies telling us that today’s citizens are reading newspapers in both print and online mediums — it’s critical that government public notices are there to be read, too. There is no cost to the public for accessing notices on the website and there is no added cost to units of government for placing the notices on the site.

Visit the site and search for notices such as adoptions, advertisements for bids, assessments, court proceedings, delinquent taxes, foreclosures, name changes, school and government finances and the minutes of school board meetings.

Wisconsin’s business is your business and I invite you to visit and bookmark our site. It’s Wisconsin government keeping you informed!

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