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In an era when mainstream journalists like myself hear the term "fake news" thrown at our work, it was nice to hear a Washington Post editor confirm the importance of our profession.

MINNEAPOLIS — Even if this truly is goodbye for Elton John as a touring act, it’s hard to imagine the sun going completely down on the music and the piano man.

Leaders demonstrate they can lead during times of adversity. They set an example for those around them by keeping perspective during trying, emotional times.


There are milestones everyone reaches in their life that can include graduating from high school and college, marriage, having children and grandchildren, buying your first house and retirement.

On Sunday, Feb. 24, my spirits sank as my garage door opened. While I had expected snow, I hadn’t anticipated there would be that much of it.

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We've all seen it. Pedestrians of all ages walking down the sidewalks or across streets with their heads buried in their smart phones, oblivious to their surroundings.

The numbers from the National Association of Sports Officials speak volumes: About 80 percent of young officials quit after just two years and more than 75 percent of high school officials say "adult behavior" is the main reason for getting out.

A veterans tribute trail that will start construction this summer in downtown Eau Claire will include the roles that minority groups and women played in U.S. armed forces.

It was only about three weeks ago when a co-worker and I were discussing how this winter was pretty uneventful and easy to handle.

The Grammy-winning band Bon Iver, fronted by Eau Claire native Justin Vernon, will be visiting the Milwaukee lakefront this summer.

Why throw out something that you might want later when you have seemingly unlimited storage?

I’ve heard many people assert this myth before, but to set the record straight — no, you can’t get arrested for drunken driving while on a bicycle in Wisconsin.

Have you ever noticed how photos and stories about autumn leaf raking always seem to portray an idyllic setting with loving parents and their sweet little ones frolicking in a big pile of dried leaves?

The best part about being a reporter, in my opinion, is listening to people’s stories and then having the privilege of sharing those stories with the rest of the world — hopefully making an impact on at least a person or two.

Jack Nicklaus is renowned for winning six Masters titles. The same goes for Roger Federer and his eight Wimbledon championships and Tom Brady and the five Super Bowl rings he has earned with the New England Patriots.

The storm currently ravaging the East Coast brought memories of a childhood vacation long ago to South Carolina.