I recently discovered a new level of fandom.

I am a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan, a season ticket holder and have been to numerous games over the years at Lambeau Field. But each game is different and involves a different opponent.

This new level of fandom my wife and I discovered during a trip to Branson, Mo., earlier this month.

We have been to Branson seven times over the past five years and have seen dozens of shows.

For shows we really like, we have seen some of them two or three times in those five years.

But at three shows we attended this year — Rick Thomas, the Texas Tenors and Neal McCoy — the entertainers introduced us to fans who have been to their shows an unheard of amount of times.

Thomas is an illusionist who headlined in Las Vegas for 15 years before bringing his show to Branson five years ago.

During his show, Thomas announced that someone in the audience was attending his 114th Thomas show.

Maybe this fan is going to keep going to Thomas’ shows until he figures out how Thomas does it, such as making a helicopter disappear from the stage. But that was nothing.

The Texas Tenors are three male singers who have been touring since they finished fourth on “America’s Got Talent” nine years ago.

They are excellent entertainers and a very personable trio.

They perform several shows in Branson and spend the rest of the year touring across the country.

We have seen them three times and will likely see them again.

During the show we saw this month, one of the Texas Tenors announced that one couple was attending their 399th show and would hit their milestone 400th show the next day.

That’s 400 Texas Tenors show in nine years.

That’s a lot. But it still was nothing.

McCoy is a country western singer who has been performing and touring for nearly three decades.

During his show in Branson this month, we sat next to a woman who has been attending McCoy’s shows for 28 years.

She lives in southern Illinois and has permanent backstage passes at McCoy’s concerts wherever he performs.

And then she told us how many times she has seen McCoy in concert — more than 1,400 times.

I still can’t wrap my head around that one. That truly takes fandom to a new level.

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