The lush, green rolling hills and winding roads south of Mondovi seemed unfamiliar at first, but the farther I traveled on this late July afternoon, the more I recalled them.

My wife and I were headed to my 30th high school class reunion, and I don’t think I had traveled those roads since my time at Mondovi High School so long ago. The land they traversed was plenty scenic, but I was reminded that keeping your eyes on the road ahead was a good idea, given its many sharp turns.

After a long drive we arrived at our the reunion’s host site, Barn Again Lodge. As I approached the group of former classmates and their significant others gathered there, I traveled back in time, revisiting familiar faces and voices.

It was good to see them, these people I once walked the halls and sat in class with, these teammates with whom I played football and ran track.

For a time as we chatted I felt the years melt away, as if we were once again young dreamers ready to find our places in the big world.

But as our discussions continued I was reminded that 30 years is a long time.

More than at past class reunions, I noticed that we were beginning to show our age.

For the most part, those of use who showed up at the reunion appeared to be in good shape. But time is beginning to show. Wrinkles are beginning to crease our faces. Waistlines are expanding along with the years. Injuries limit some of our activities. Life situations have changed, and in some cases changed again.

In past years I took the gatherings with members of the class of 1988 for granted. This year was different. Fewer people made the trip to see each other. I was struck by the tenuous nature of this gathering, grateful I was able to make it and hopeful my classmates and I are able to attend the next get-together in five years.