We all have days where we’re glad to be able to come home from work because we had a particularly tough day on the job.

For police officers, I’m guessing tough days on the job include investigating crimes of violence and sexual assault, crimes where children and vulnerable adults are victims, and fatal traffic crashes.

But there must be days where police officers don’t have these type of cases, but still go home shaking their heads after working their shifts.

One of those days for Eau Claire police officers might have been Wednesday.

Consider the following four cases, which all occurred on the same day:

• Shortly after midnight, an officer was sent to a Water Street tavern. A male patron requested to speak to an officer because he got kicked out of the tavern after someone spilled his beer.

No action was taken by the officer, who felt the matter was civil rather than criminal. The caller who requested the officer refused to leave his name.

• At 4 a.m. at Keith Street and East Lexington Boulevard, police received a report of a vehicle that drove through a marked construction zone and got stuck.

The driver fled on foot and left the vehicle behind by the time officer arrived.

• Officers were sent to a south side store at 9:23 a.m. Someone inside the store called police after a woman came in and asked what time it was.

The woman became upset because the clock in her vehicle was off by one hour.

An officer contacted the woman, who was going to a self-storage facility to meet someone. The woman was upset believing she was late when she really wasn’t late.

• Officers were sent to a downtown area residence at 1:30 p.m. on a report of a male who was in the backyard picking weeds.

The male was contacted by an officer, identified and released.

It was only after the male was released by the officer that it was discovered the weeds he was picking were actually 15.6 pounds of wild-growing marijuana.

I guess it’s all in a day’s work.