We've all seen it. Pedestrians of all ages walking down the sidewalks or across streets with their heads buried in their smart phones, oblivious to their surroundings.

It can be dangerous. I've done it. My new house has a low-hanging light fixture where a table is meant to be placed — haven't gotten around to that yet — and my melon has bounced off the metal fixture more than once as I texted something extremely important, I'm sure. (The metal sure leaves a nice red mark on a nearly-bald head.) I once did it three times in about an hour as I paced back and forth as I was considering offers on our old residence.

That said, I've been trying to keep my head on a swivel when I venture into the snowy Wisconsin winter these days to check out hidden snow throwers, shovelers and plows. I was rewarded on a recent mid-day run on the trail behind Water Street when I found a squirrel whose appetite was bigger than his mouth. The squirrel had a sandwich shop loaf of french bread near the backdoor of Erberts & Gerberts, with both front paws and his teeth buried in the bread that was much larger than the animal. I slowed to enjoy the scene. The squirrel swung away from me with the oversized loaf swinging from side to side. This food was going to last him awhile and he wasn't' about to let me have any part of it.

I grinned as I ran off and wondered what kind of imaginative stories my regular running group would have come up with after seeing the ambitious squirrel. It would have kept our conversation going for miles.

So don't go though life with your head down. You'll never know what you're missing. 

— Gary Johnson, editor