Dan Holtz

I have a love-hate relationship with Mother Nature.

The love part is I adore living in Wisconsin.

I love the four distinct seasons and everything they bring.

I love the friendly people who live here. The people who don’t hesitate to help their friends and neighbors. There’s no better place to raise a family.

I love bratwurst. I love cheese. I love the Green Bay Packers, Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Bucks and the Wisconsin Badgers.

The hate part has been a cumulative effect of being a homeowner here in Eau Claire for the past 35 years and the responsibilities that come with that status.

I love looking at snow and what’s better than having fresh snow on Christmas Day.

But I hate moving the stuff. This past winter’s record snowfall really tested my patience. I have had a snowblower for the past five winters.

I used my snowblower and shovels more in February, March and April than I used them in the previous four winters combined.

I love the spring and summer rains that keep the trees and grass green and the corn and other crops growing for the farmers.

But I get tired of mowing the lawn and trimming trees and shrubs and trying to get a handle on the endless battle with weeds.

I also hate how the weather requires regular staining and maintenance on my deck and storage shed.

And what I really love about the fall is what I really hate about the fall.

I really love when the hot temperatures of summer turn into cool and crisp fall temperatures.

And I really love it when the leaves turn their colors and give us an awesome spectacle to absorb.

But we have some large maple trees on our yard. I hate it when those beautiful leaves fall to the ground and I have to try to rake and collect them.

Maybe it’s just me, but those trees seem to drop more leaves with each passing year.

The plus side is that my grandkids love to jump in the crunchy leaves when I get a large pile raked up.

But despite all the work each season brings, I really do love it here and would never consider moving outside the Badger State.

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