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Runners gather outside RCU's Corporate Center on June 26, 2010, before an annual race sponsored by the credit union. RCU recently removed the large stone insignia that had long stood near the building's south entrance.

Something seemed a little different in Phoenix Park in my latest bike ride through Eau Claire’s downtown.

It was that odd feeling that a familiar part of the scenery had suddenly gone missing.

Sure enough, it was the absence of the giant granite RCU logo that stood in front of the Eau Claire credit union’s corporate headquarters building located on Riverfront Terrace.

Two bollards that stood beside it remain, but there was a dusty patch on the paved area where the bulky corporate logo had been.

Where’d it go?

According to Jennifer McHugh, RCU’s director of public affairs and financial education, the granite monument was removed as part of a construction project that includes replacing the steps and adding a ramp to the south entrance to the building. Weather permitting, that work should be finished next week. The building’s north entrance remains accessible during the project.

RCU is working to update signs around its corporate center as well, McHugh said.

However, the large stone logo was in need of repair before its removal, she added, and it will not be replaced.


It does make sense to do without the big granite insignia. While it did look pretty classy, repairing it sounds like it would become an ongoing task. And from a practical standpoint, the boulder-size decoration would probably be better suited for another spot instead of its old location — several paces in front of the steps to the main entrance to the building.