The storm currently ravaging the East Coast brought memories of a childhood vacation long ago to South Carolina.

Though funds were scarce at the time, our family of five spent a week at Edisto Beach State Park. The region’s unique terrain and wildlife provided an adventurous, unforgettable experience.

Measuring 1,255 acres, Edisto Beach is one of four state parks on the South Carolina coast. It’s also one of 16 in the state built by the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Our cabin was decidedly rustic but, judging from pictures online, they seem to have changed little since our visit decades ago. The accommodations were more than adequate, however, since we spent most of our time outdoors.

The highlight of the park is a 1.5-mile beach. Though the East Coast is not known for its shelling, Edisto Beach is an exception to that rule.

Unfortunately, a travel advisory currently mars the park’s opening Web page. “The park is closed until further notice due to mandatory hurricane evacuation orders,” it reads.

Edisto Beach, at least at the time, was much less developed than nearby vacation spots such as Hilton Head and Myrtle Beach. Hopefully, damage caused by Hurricane Florence will be limited in the region.

Our thoughts go out to all who are in the path of the storm.