Many of us share same God

A recent letter-writer claimed that Allah was a made-up god.

Humans have always made up stories to explain those things they did not understand and names to identify that which they worshiped. God, Jehovah, Yahweh and Allah are all names for the same god; the one God from the Old Testament.

Followers of Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all descendants of the Abraham we read about in the Old Testament. We are cousins. Jesus was a follower of Judaism; he did not want it destroyed. His followers called themselves Christians. Many of Jesus’ followers were women whom Jesus treated as equals. Mohammed considered Jesus to be a great prophet.

It is all there for anyone to read and study in the Bible, Torah and Koran and any great history book.

It seems to be the penchant of humans to corrupt religious teachings to make what they say, or want, sound believable. People have used the Bible to justify slavery, war and the subservience of women; the list goes on and on. Religious documents, Christian or not, are continually edited and retranslated to support whoever is in power at the time.

Persons running for any office now claim to be persons of faith. I’ve known people who were Christ-like but did not claim to be so. Their words and deeds showed me who they were. I’ve known people who claimed to be persons of faith but on whom I would never turn my back.

People are not perfect; we don’t walk on water. There are many people who try very hard to walk in their faith. They deserve credit for their efforts. But those who continually use religion to justify bigotry and hate mongering do not.

Denise Meacham