A Bloomer company that makes equipment used to control air pollution has laid off 26 workers.

Catalytic Combustion Corp. notified the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development of the mass layoff at its Bloomer facilities, according to a post that appeared Monday on the state agency's website.

"This layoff is the result of unforeseeable business circumstances. This includes the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent drop in oil prices," office manager Paula Day wrote to the DWD.

The 26 employees who worked on the company's manufacturing lines were laid off between June 7 and 9. While two of the employees may get called back, the company expects the other positions will be permanently gone.

Catalytic Combustion Corp. makes catalyst products that reduce the output of volatile organic compounds produced by industrial and consumer equipment. Its products are found in industries including food service, consumer appliances, non-automotive engines, power generation, gas compression, production painting and printing, pharmaceutical, chemical processing and other manufacturing applications.