Banks loosen rules about masked customers

Wearing a mask into a financial institution has been an alarming sight in the past, but banks are now seeking ways to adjust to the increasing numbers of people wearing face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a Thursday news release, the Wisconsin Bankers Association noted the current concern for public health, but also its industry’s wariness about people concealing their identities when walking into a bank.

“Safety and security collide when it comes to customers wearing masks, as banks are historically and understandably uncomfortable with people disguising their faces when in the bank,” the news release stated.

Banks have historically prohibited people from wearing masks inside their doors, the WBA stated, but many are now encouraging employees to wear them and some may even ask the same of customers to reduce the spread of germs.

But with the security concerns in mind, the WBA said that its members are employing different strategies when interacting with customers wearing masks. Those include asking customers to lower their masks briefly while facing a security camera or when staff ask to see their faces for identification purposes. People wearing masks also may be asked questions to verify their identities when banking.

The association advises customers to contact their bank directly with specific questions about wearing a mask into one of their branches.

According to a recent survey of its members, 59% of Wisconsin banks will either require or encourage employees to wear masks.

Presto gets $44.4M option from Army

Eau Claire-based National Presto Industries announced last week that one of its subsidiaries secured a $44.4 million option to provide two types of 40mm ammunition to the U.S. Army.

Under the option, AMTEC Corporation will provide M918 high-velocity training projectiles and low-velocity M385A1 cartridges used by soldiers to illuminate a darkened area or mark a target. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in early 2021, according to a company news release.

Additional options during the current fiscal year are likely, the company stated.

This is year four of a five-year contract AMTEC has to provide 40mm ammunition to the Army.

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