Drewmark Boutique

Sarah Thornton opened Drewmark Boutique earlier this month at 15 E. Central St. in downtown Chippewa Falls.

CHIPPEWA FALLS — After opening her first boutique earlier this year in Holcombe, Sarah Thornton looked to the streets of her hometown for her second store.

Earlier this month, the lifelong Chippewa Falls resident opened the second Drewmark Boutique at 15 E. Central St. in the downtown she grew up in and continues to enjoy.

“I’ve been here my whole life and downtown Chippewa Falls is such an amazing place,” Thornton said. “It’s getting bigger, it’s getting better and people are coming from all over to experience it. It’s really nice to be a part of that.”

Drewmark Boutique — a name inspired by her two sons, Drew and Markus — sells clothing, custom shirts, cups, gifts, jewelry, stickers, holiday décor and more.

She said the inspiration for opening the business came after working a traditional 9-to-5 job for years and wanting to pursue a career she was more passionate about and could invest herself in.

After receiving encouragement from those around her, Thornton made her hobby of creating custom T-shirts into a full-time career and expanded upon her own interests to open up Drewmark Boutique.

“Finding what to stock the store with was pretty easy because I was already into fashion, so I know what I like and what other people like,” Thornton said. “I wanted the store to be somewhere I could shop for myself if I didn’t own it, so by doing that it made the concept of what to sell pretty easy to define.”

While the genesis of the idea for opening Drewmark Boutique was to sell affordable boutique clothing, Thornton said she hopes to let the Chippewa Valley know she offers more than just clothing and all types of different shoppers are welcome at her new location.

“Everyone sees the word boutique and they think about clothing, but we do so much more than just that here,” Thornton said. “My real passion is making custom shirts, decals and cups. I love to create, so it isn’t just your average boutique.”