Vietnamese restaurant TemptAsians opened Wednesday at 504 N. Bridge St. in Chippewa Falls.

CHIPPEWA FALLS — A tight-knit family has come together to offer the Chippewa Valley tasty cuisine drawing on their Asian roots.

Co-owners John and Tiffany Tran opened TemptAsians, a traditional Vietnamese restaurant, on Wednesday at 504 N. Bridge St. in downtown Chippewa Falls.

“My sister and I love to cook,” John Tran said.

Food offerings at TemptAsians are unique to the area, as they are based on traditional Vietnamese family recipes but with a slightly Americanized twist to cater to the palates of Chippewa Valley foodies.

Included on the menu are treats such as lemongrass pork, teriyaki chicken, fried rice, egg rolls, friend shrimp balls, crab rangoons, popcorn shrimp and their own wide assortment of bubble tea flavors. Also, included on the menu are desserts such as boba popsicles, Lynn’s colossal cookies, cheesecake egg rolls, pandan bubble waffles and deep friend pandan Oreos.

TemptAsians takes over the spot that Mexican restaurant Bomb Tacos had previously resided.

Opening the restaurant wasn’t an easy feat for the Trans, as the building was almost entirely gutted and in poor condition when they bought it. After struggling to find a contractor/construction crew to revive the space, the Trans called upon their loyal family members to staff the restaurant and bring their culinary dreams to fruition.

“It’s been a lot of family work and we did it together,” John Tran said.

Now that the doors are open, and the kitchen is emitting the smell of tasty Vietnamese cuisine, he said seeing the Chippewa Falls community embrace a unique restaurant idea is a tremendous sign of the growing culture of inclusivity in the Chippewa Valley.

“The Chippewa Falls area is beginning to become more diversified,” John Tran said. “We’ve had so much support from the community that we weren’t expecting. Being a minority, and coming into a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood, we were expecting it to be a little bit more difficult. We feel embraced by the community, especially by Chippewa Falls Main Street, the Chamber of Commerce and all of the community has been really supportive and great.”

TemptAsians is open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.