Guy Challenge 2019 is at Landmark Christian Church (4140 126th St) in Chippewa Falls, WI March 1-2nd.  Guy Challenge is an event built exclusively for men.  Guy Challenge is a place to cut loose, relax, laugh, be well fed, get inspired, encouraged, and challenged. Guy Challenge will equip with practical tools to be a courageous follower of Jesus in your everyday life.  Event starts Friday (3/1) at 7pm and will conclude at 3pm on Saturday (3/2).  Doors open 6pm on Friday. 

Our theme this year is Desperado.   We talk about following Jesus, but are we?  Interestingly, the New Testament has a very vivid word for those who humbly follow Jesus--the "despised!" It comes from the combination of two Greek words, which mean "from nothing." A good English word for "despised" might be "desperado." We tend to think of a desperado as someone outside the law. But originally, the word meant a nobody with nothing, desperate enough to take reckless action to get something of substance for their life.  We want to be men who are willing to be desperados for Jesus. 

Our featured speaker is Dr. David Clark from Central Christian Church in Beloit,WI.  James Allen Hall (aka JAH) will be leading us again in worship and we'll be serving up Ryan's famous BBQ for lunch on Saturday.  A special session on Saturday will feature an interview with two WWII vets, a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear from true men of honor.  Also new this year, we will have a fun axe throwing event.  Early Registration is only $25 and includes Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday.  Ages 25 and Under are FREE!  

We look forward to seeing you! 


  • Starting Friday, March 1st, 2019, repeated every day until Saturday, March 02, 2019 @ 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm