Moments is published every Sunday and contains wedding, engagement, anniversary, birthday announcements, and other celebrations.

Forms are available to submit most types of moments in life. Please contact the Leader-Telegram if you need assistance.

Information must be typed correctly. The Leader-Telegram is not responsible for errors if the information submitted is incorrect. A good contact telephone number must be included. Pictures may be dropped off at our office, mailed, or e-mailed in .jpg format to . If pictures are mailed or dropped off, they can be picked up or returned if a self-addressed, stamped envelope is supplied. Photos that have not been picked up after 30 days will be discarded.

Moments are published in the order they are received and space permitting, normally within two-three weeks.

The Leader-Telegram reserves the right to edit or reject inappropriate articles or photographs.

Forms may be picked up at our office or on (click on Filter, then Celebrations).

Information should be mailed to: Leader-Telegram, PO Box 4001, Eau Claire, WI 54702.

Moment pricing

Birthday and Anniversary / 1 photo & 25 words or less / $20.00
Wedding and Engagement / 1 photo & 25 words or less / $35.00

**For more options please contact Customer Service** 

Customer Service
Hours:  Monday thru Friday 7am – 4pm
Phone:  715-833-9268 / 1-888-833-9268