SUMMONS AND NOTICE STATE OF MINNESOTA COUNTY OF RAMSEY SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT JUVENILE COURT DIVISION _________________________ In the Matter of the Welfare of the Child of: Kassondra M. Loehlein and Gary A. Bender Group ID: 0370364 Petition Number: 62-JV-21-632 NOTICE TO: Gary A. Bender, legal custodian or parent of the child/ren. ATTENTION 1. A Termination of Parental Rights Petition has been filed in the Office of theClerk of Juvenile and Family Justice Center, 25 West Seventh Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota, alleging among other things that the parental rights of theabove-named parent(s) or legal custodian(s) to the child(ren) named in thepetition, should be terminated upon grounds as stated in the petition filed in theOffice of the Clerk of the Juvenile and Family Justice Center, 25 West SeventhStreet, Saint Paul, Minnesota, and asking for an order of this Court terminating such parental rights. 2.THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that the matter of said petition requesting to terminate your parental rights will be called for hearing via Zoom with remote appear- ances, on December 21, 2021 at 3:10 PM or as soon after as the Mattercan be heard. To join by Internet: 1.Type in your browser’s address bar. 2.Enter the Meeting ID and Passcode: Meeting ID: 161 6014 7058 Passcode: 791757 To join by telephone (if you are unable to join by Internet): 1.Call Toll-Free:1-833-568-8864 2.Enter the Meeting ID and Passcode 3.YOU ARE THEREFORE ORDERED, to appear before said Court at said time and date. 4.You have a right to be represented by counsel. 5.If you fail to appear at the hearing the Court may still conduct the hearing and grant appropriate relief, including terminating your parental right to the child(ren)named in the petition. WITNESS, the Honorable Leonardo Castro Chief Judge, Second Judicial District Donald W. Harper, Juvenile and Family Court Administrator WNAXLP 86T3 Sawyer County Record