Details for WNAXLP (ADP, May 13, 17, 20, 2022)


WNAXLP (ADP, May 13, 17, 20, 2022) Notice of Applications City of Bayfield, Bayfield County, Wisconsin The applicants listed below have applied to the City of Bayfield Common Council for the following 2022-2023 Alcohol License(s): Combination Class “B” (Beer) and “Class B” (Liquor): • Bayfield Inn, LLC, d/b/a Bayfield Inn, 20 Rittenhouse Avenue, Tyler Stoklosa, Agent, • Bayfield Inn, LLC, d/b/a Creamery Bar, 31 South First Street, Tyler Stoklasa, Agent • Fenerbahce, Inc., d/b/a Manypenny Bistro, 201 Manypenny Avenue, Mursel Demirkol, Agent • ARS Holdings, Inc., d/b/a Morty’s Pub,108 Rittenhouse Avenue, Richard A. Sherrard, Agent • Old Rittenhouse Inn, Inc., d/b/a Old Rittenhouse Inn, 301 Rittenhouse Avenue, Mark Phillips, Agent • Bay Front Inn, Inc. d/b/a Pier Plaza-Pickled Herring, 1 Rittenhouse Avenue, Janine Johnson, Agent • Holley and Munch Properties, LLC, d/b/a Bates Art Bar, 14 So. Broad Street, Larry Munch Agent Class “B” (Beer) and “Class C” (Wine) Licenses: • Judith Lokken-Strom, d/b/a Greunke’s First Street Inn, 17 Rittenhouse Avenue • Copper Trout, LLC, d/b/a Copper Trout, 250 Rittenhouse Avenue, Kerry Ernster, Agent • Bayfield Lake Superior Lodge, LLC, d/b/a Lake Superior Lodge, 225 E. Lynde Avenue., Wayne Short, Agent Class “A” (Beer) and “Class A” (Liquor): • Andy’s IGA, Inc., 213 Rittenhouse Avenue, Thomas Polaski, Agent • Captains Spirits, Inc., d/b/a Captains Spirits, 33 North First Street, Mark Bahr, Agent • Bayfield Wine & Spirits, LLC d/b/a Bayfield Wine & Spirits, 13 So. 2nd Street, Joanne Cirillo, Agent • Midland Services, Inc., d/b/a Midland Services, 407 Rittenhouse Avenue, Thia Dallman, Agent Class “B” (Beer) • Dock Shop LLC, d/b/a Dock Shop, 18 North Front Street, Tyler Skoklasa, Agent Billie L. Hoopman, Clerk City of Bayfield Ashland Daily Press