Harvest time is usually a farmer’s favorite time of the year, but this year the adult children working the Brewer Farm had to say goodbye to both of their parents. Glenn Brewer passed away from cancer in February. His wife, Joann, followed suit just a few weeks ago on Sept. 15.

“The Brewer family lived their life giving to the community,” said Heather Golz, the family’s long-time crop insurance agent from State Bank of Cross Plains. “From the bank board to the school board, they were always there to support their neighbors and their community. This was our chance to give back to this generous family.”

Golz, along with Klitzman Seed, organized an event on Tuesday, Oct. 6, to help the Brewer family. Families from 15 local farms came with combines and other equipment to harvest the Brewers’ soybean crop in a matter of hours rather than days or weeks. Assisting farms and farmers included Jim McNeely; Jason Marshall; JAS Farms; Tonto Abey; Brugger Farms; Morton Farms; Klondike Farms; Elmer Farms; Templeton Farms; Larson Acres; Sam and Lee Koepp; Jerry Holtsapple; Ronek Concrete; Jason Johnson; and Mel and Kenda Shotliff

“A family farm is more than a business,” Golz explained. “It’s a lifestyle. Friends and neighbors left their own fields to harvest at the Brewer Farm not because they had to and not because they were asked to, but because they wanted to. In fact, once the word got out, many people called to offer additional help. I hope the family realizes how much they are loved and supported. I am so proud and lucky that these are the people I get to work with every day.”

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