Girl Scout milk donation match

Girl Scout Junior Troop 9106 of Madison donated 387 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies to Goodman Community Food Pantry in Madison to be matched with a milk donation by the Dane County Dairy Promotion Committee.

What goes together better than cookies and milk? Girl Scouts in Dane County say…nothing!

For the last three years, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin – Badgerland Council and the Dane County Dairy Promotion Committee have worked together to make the iconic cookies and delicious, nutritious milk accessible to all.

Through the partnership, a troop gives their “Cookie Share” to a Dane County Food Pantry, and the Dairy Promotion Committee matches each box donated with a gallon of milk, up to an $8,000 value. Girl Scouts rose to the challenge, reaching the cap for the last three years.

In 2019 alone, Girl Scouts donated 7,353 boxes of cookies to 22 local food pantries, resulting in 3,493 gallons of milk being distributed to families in need. Since the program started in 2016, nearly 19,000 boxes of cookies and 10,342 gallons of milk have been donated.

“The partnership just makes sense,” said John Haag, Dairy Promotion Committee Chair. “Girl Scouts are known for doing good deeds in their communities, and this just goes to show they’re committed to that. Together, we’re bringing protein-rich milk and delicious cookies to those in need.”

“Cookie Share” is a philanthropy-based initiative through which girls can make a positive impact in their communities. During the six-week Cookie Program (which, in Badgerland Council, takes place in February and March every year), customers purchase a box of cookies, but instead of receiving them, give the cookies back to the troop for them to donate to a charity of their choosing. In this case, food pantries.

During June Dairy Month, the Dairy Promotion Committee hosts Cows on the Concourse at the state capitol and Breakfast on the Farm at a local dairy. Girl Scout troops attend the events to showcase the partnership and share how the Cookie Program fuels leadership experiences for girls, such as camping, traveling, community service and educational programming.