The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin has issued an order finalizing approval for the Wisconsin portion of the Cardinal-Hickory Creek Transmission Line Project, outlining the requirements that must be met in the construction of the 345,000-volt line and substation in Wisconsin.

The approximately 100-mile line will run from Dane County, Wis. to Dubuque County, Iowa. The PSC verbally approved the project on Aug. 20 during an open meeting.

“The PSC’s order identifies the project’s final route in Wisconsin,” said ATC Senior Project Manager Jake Valentine. “The PSC made some minor modifications to the route options we developed through our routing and siting process and by engaging the public. We submitted route options that align with Wisconsin state statute requirements to co-locate the line with existing infrastructure, where feasible. Ultimately, 95% of this line will follow existing rights-of-way, including utility corridors and along state highways.”

Project partners ATC, ITC Midwest and Dairyland Power Cooperative will begin contacting Wisconsin property owners along the PSC-selected route beginning this fall. If approval is granted by the Iowa Utilities Board and three federal agencies next year, construction will begin in 2021 to meet an in-service date.