A Wisconsin team has won the 2019 North American Invitational 4-H Dairy Quiz Bowl, according to results posted by the North American International Livestock Exposition.

The team, consisting of Katherine Elwood, Courtney Glenna, Grace Haase and Courtney Stream, outcompeted second-place New York, third-place Iowa, fourth-place Minnesota and honorable mentions Pennsylvania and Georgia.

Glenna and Elwood respectively placed third and fourth on the written test, and Haase was listed as an honorable mention.

According to the contest schedule posted by Department of Animal & Food Sciences at the University of Kentucky, the competition included a written exam and Quiz Bowl rounds.

The ultimate winning team was determined by a series of one-on-one elimination contests.

The competition provides team members to “develop a more complete knowledge of dairy animals and related subjects” and “provides an educational dairy program for all dairy project members,” according to the contest’s posted rules.

The Dairy Quiz Bowl was held Nov. 8 and 9 in Louisville, Kentucky.