North Country Master Gardeners and UW-Extension recently announced a free online summer gardening program, Kids in the Garden, for children 3 to 12 years of age.

Due to COVID-19 concerns, these short programs are being offered electronically throughout the summer on demand via the Spooner Agricultural Research Station Facebook page or the North Country Master Gardener Volunteer website at The videos are free for everyone to access.

Most programs will start will a topic-related story and provide an educational presentation.

Some videos have already been released and are available online. Others will be released throughout the summer.

Scheduled releases are as follows:


• Making a paper seed pot and planting pie pumpkin seeds

• Tomatosphere Project: plant seeds from the International Space Station or from Heinz

• Plant our paper pie pumpkin seed pot in the garden. Learn about composting, soil temperature and how to plant outdoors.


• Learn about bugs, including building a bug condo; caring for our pie pumpkin plant — water, weed and fertilize

• Composting we go


• Magical hummingbirds

• Marvelous monarchs and pollinators


• Apples, apples, apples — Learn about harvesting and seed saving too

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