UW-Madison Animal Sciences Department and Division of Extension is holding a Lambing Open House on Thursday, Feb. 20 from 3-7 p.m. at the UW-Madison Sheep Unit, located at Arlington Agricultural Research Station, Arlington.

The cost is free for all to attend and there is no registration needed. The planning committee reserves the right to alter the schedule if needed due to weather and animal concerns.

UW personnel will be available to answer producer questions and concerns regarding sheep production and lambing such as what is normal lambing, what should you do when lambing and should you assist a ewe during lambing. There will also be an area available to watch live lambing.

This event will be held outdoors, so dress accordingly for the weather. There will be a heated area for attendees, if needed.

For more information, please contact Todd Taylor, UW Shepherd and open house coordinator, at 608-846-5858 or toddtaylor@wisc.edu.