The fourth International Kernza Conference will be held July 1-2 at UW-Madison; the first day of the conference will focus on Kernza research updates, presented by industry experts, while the second day will include a tour focused on producer and research plots around the Madison area.

Kernza represents the earlier release of Intermediate Wheatgrass, a perennial plant developed by selected breeding for larger seed size and released by the Land Institute as a dual purpose, perennial grain and forage crop. Planted in the fall, this unique crop produces grain for three years and abundant forage following grain harvest in August.

Plot and on-farm research in Wisconsin has focused on management and the impact of grazing on grain yields in subsequent crops and impact of companion crops like red clover on grain production. Industry experts say Kernza is finding its way into numerous consumer products like bread, beer, granola and pasta, with market interest growing.