The Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection has certified the board of directors election results for the Dairy Farmers of Wisconsin, formerly known as the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.

Fourteen candidates ran for eight board member positions, with the following dairy producers selected to begin a three-year term as elected members on July 1: Mark Leder, District 3; Douglas Danielson, District 6; Jeff Strassburg, District 9; Mary Cook, District 15; Steve Pankratz, District 12; Dean Strauss, District 18; Gail Klinkner, District 21; and Virgil Haag, District 24.

Of the 2,659 dairy producers living in the election districts, per DATCP records, 16.8 percent returned ballots, an increase in election return over the previous year.

District 24, which had two candidates on the ballot, recorded the most election participation with 27.7 percent of eligible producers within the district voting.

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