The producer-led Farmers of the Barron County Watersheds group will host a winter meeting from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 12, at the Rolling Oaks Supper Club in Barron.

The meeting will feature Eric Cooley and Jason Cavadini. Cooley, co-director of UW Discovery Farms, coordinates water quality research efforts, collects and disseminates data and develops educational materials based on UW Discovery Farms’ research results. He received his B.S. in Soil and Water Conservation and M.S. in Soil Physics from UW-Madison. He specializes in surface water runoff and tile drainage.

Cavadini is assistant superintendent and agronomist at the UW Marshfield Research Station. He has successfully demonstrated that no-till works just as well on heavy, more poorly drained soils as more well-drained soil types. He will discuss no-till research being done in central Wisconsin and the benefit no-till has on soils. He also will share his expertise on cover crops and no-till farming.

The FBCW also will explain its plans for the 2019 Producer-Led Watershed Protection Grant it received, which will include a cover crop rebate program, research and test plots.

Lunch will be provided, and Continuing Education Credits will be available. To register by Feb. 6, contact Craig Hamernik at or 715-418-0053.

For more information about the winter meeting or other FBCW efforts, contact Hamernik, Clayton Wohlk at 715-641-0942, Andy Bensend at 715-296-7628, Karyn Schauf at 715-790-7202 or Logan Dywer at 715-651-9803.