Holstein Association USA announced the top Holstein Breed Age Average herds for 2018 classifications.

Herds participating in the Classic or Standard options of the Holstein Classification program receive an overall BAA for the herd. The BAA value provides a way to compare the score of a herd average to the average of the breed, taking into account age of the animal and stage of lactation.

“The herds appearing on these lists should be commended for developing consistent herds with breed-leading conformation, which is a result of not only careful breeding decisions but also dedicated, outstanding animal care and animal husbandry practiced 365 days a year,” said Lindsey Worden, executive director of Holstein Genetic Services.

The average BAA% for all herds in 2018 was 106.7. Six herds had a BAA of over 114.0, with Matthew T. Mitchell of Tennessee having the highest BAA in the United States last year at 116.7 on 11 cows.

Rounding out the top five were, in order, Ocean View Genetics of Wisconsin (115.5 on 23 cows); Conant Acres, Inc. of Maine (115.3 on 90 cows); John P. and Rachael Holmgren of Minnesota (115.0 on 11 cows); and Michael and Julie Duckett of Wisconsin (55 cows) and Topp-View Holsteins of Ohio (20 cows), both of whom tied at 114.3).

Other Wisconsin herds in the top 50 include Michael and Chris McCullough (No. 9, 113.5 on 50 cows); Rosedale Genetics Ltd. (No. 10, 113.2 on 30 cows); Craig B. Krohlow (tied for No. 11, 113.1 on 29 cows); Jeffrey and Kate Hendrickson (tied for No. 17, 112.8 on 109 cows); Crisdhome Farm Inc. (No. 25, 112.4 on 98 cows); Wilstar Holsteins (tied for No. 34, 112.0 on 56 cows); Mikayla Endres (No. 38, 111.9 on 10 cows); Brandon Ferry (tied for No. 39, 111.8 on 69 cows); Thomas Kestell (No. 42, 111.7 on 120 cows); Christopher Van Dyk (tied for No. 43, 111.6 on 40 cows); Gary Van Doorn (tied for No. 43, 111.6 on 17 cows); David and Julie Marcks (No. 46, 111.5 on 40 cows); Mark Ryan (tied for No. 46, 111.5 on 87 cows); Bonnie Van Dyk (tied for No. 48, 111.4 on 81 cows).

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