The largest privately owned solar array in Wisconsin history was officially put into service at Green Valley Dairy in Krakow on Sept. 3.

The system — a 1.852 megawatt solar field — is a collaboration between Arch Electric, Green Valley Dairy, and Outagamie Clean Energy Partners.

“Sustainability isn’t just a goal for our family farm, it’s something we live out each day,” said John Jacobs of Green Valley Dairy. “We’re happy to work with Arch Electric on this solar installation as we continue looking for ways to increase sustainability and live responsibly while delivering for our customers.”

“I’m proud that Arch Electric successfully installed the largest privately owned solar array in Wisconsin history. We have a highly skilled team with the ability to execute projects of all sizes,” said Arch Electric President Ed Zinthefer. “Thanks to Green Valley Dairy and Outagamie Clean Energy Partners for making this important clean energy installation a reality.”

The system consists of 20 rows of solar panels in a 7.5 acre parcel of land owned by Green Valley Dairy. There are 4,940 panels mounted on metal racking that are integrated with 10 solar inverters, which will produce approximately 2.234 MW of clean energy annually. The solar energy generated annually will offset carbon dioxide emissions equivalent to more than 1,740,000 tons.

Green Valley Dairy, which originated in 2000, sits on 86 acres and has continuously been a pioneer in adopting new technology, including the installation of a state-of-the-art robotic milking parlor in 2018. Outagamie Clean Energy Partners, a Wisconsin based Renewable Natural Gas developer, has partnered with Green Valley Dairy to capture methane from their existing anaerobic digesters and clean the gas into pipeline quality RNG that will be used in the transportation industry. The solar array will be used to power portions of the dairy including the newly installed Biogas Upgrading Plant.

“The Jacobs’ willingness to invest in clean energy is a testament to their commitment to the community and the state of Wisconsin. Their vision will serve as an example of how Wisconsin dairy is leading the way when it comes to balancing responsible farm growth and the environment,” said Chris Lenzendorf, Vice President of Business Development at Outagamie Clean Energy Partners.

An official ribbon cutting ceremony will be held in the time ahead.