Our ducks on the pasture in their new tractor pen

Ducks! They are the comic relief team on the farm — always thrilled with fresh water, searching for slugs and bugs, cackling with each other and waddling hilariously. We purchased our first ducklings when our sheep dog Lena was a puppy, to help her practice herding, but now we keep them primarily for their delicious, custardy eggs.

Ducks are pretty easy keepers. They don’t need to roost or dust bathe like chickens; they don’t bite like geese. They take pleasure in fairly simple things, and they love being out in rainstorms (unlike young turkeys, who will drown themselves by letting the rain go up their noses). If you don’t mind that they are experts at creating mud, ducks are fun!

Laura Berlage is a co-owner of North Star Homestead Farms, LLC and Farmstead Creamery & Café. 715-462-3453

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