Larson Herefords

Larson Hereford Farms showed the Champion Yearling Pen of Three Hereford Bulls at the recent National Western Stock Show in Denver.

Larson Hereford Farms of Spring Valley exhibited the Champion Yearling Pen of Three Hereford Bulls at the 2019 National Western Stock Show in Denver. The show is widely regarded as the premier beef cattle show in the world and is annually visited by cattle producers from around the world.

This was the first time the Larsons won a division championship. This year also marked the 20th anniversary of the family’s inaugural trip showing bulls in the “yards,” according to Fred Larson.

Larson said the event is unique because exhibitors and their animals are assigned a pen in the historic Denver Union Stockyards, where the animals are kept outside and in the elements for the duration of the show.

“The cattle are shown as a group rather than as individuals in the old auction arena, without halters on,” he said. “One reason the pen show is so popular is because it brings the focus to a farm or ranch’s breeding program and their ability to produce consistent and uniform quality breeding stock.”

The bulls the Larsons exhibited this year were chosen for their uniformity, thickness, performance, structural correctness and Expected Progeny Differences.

Larson Hereford Farm has been owned by the Larson family since 1876, and they have raised Herefords since 1942. Joining Fred in the daily care of the farm’s more than 200 registered cows and the previous years’ calves are his parents, Jerry and Joyce; wife Lori; and son Easten.

Larson said 44 pens and five carloads of bulls and 22 pens of three heifers vied for national honors in the Hereford “yard” show held each year in the historic Denver Union Stockyards during the National Western, which was held Jan. 11-27.