Mounted Justice, the only Wisconsin-based cowboy mounted shooting club, will perform twice a day at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.

The Mills Fleet Farm Equine Arena will host a full schedule of horse activities available for guests all three days at Farm Technology Days.

Wisconsin native Billy Yoder will present horsemanship clinics twice a day at FTD, with the morning session intended for youths.

Yoder was drawn to horses from a young age. As he grew older he found his talent for horse training and left home to learn natural horsemanship techniques. After attending Road to the Horse, he spent time as an intern for Clinton Anderson of Downunder Horsemanship.

Yoder uses step-by-step training methods that make it safer and easier for both horses and people to learn. He says that his passion is not only to train horses, but also to help people communicate better with their horses. He strives for safe, willing and responsive horses, regardless of whether the horse will be used in the show ring or out on the trail.

Mounted Justice Cowboy Mounted Shooting will be returning to the FTD horse arena for this year’s show.

Mounted Justice is the only Wisconsin-based cowboy mounted shooting club. In the fast-growing sport of cowboy mounted shooting, participants shoot 10 balloons from the back of their horse with single-action revolvers and blank ammunition. Contestants are judged on time elapsed and are penalized for each missed target.

The organization has been in Wisconsin for more than 20 years and is open to anyone who is interested in horses and shooting.

The Meyer 10-Horse Hitch Pyramid will also present twice a day at FTD. The Meyer Family started driving the pyramid at Farm Technology Days when it was hosted in Clark County in 2005. With the Pyramid Hitch, 10 horses are hitched in a “bowling pin” pattern. There is one lead horse in the front, followed by a team, then three, and four horses in back or on the wheel. What’s uncommon about the hitch is that no horse is directly in front of another horse.

Throughout the three-day show, a Wisconsin favorite the Milk Buds will also be on the grounds. The Milk Buds are an all black-and-white eight-pony hitch. The team will provide driving demonstrations, and attendees will be able to meet the ponies at their booth. All ponies descended from Corky, a stallion owned by the Schottler family for 40 years. The team is now showcased by the original owners’ grandchildren. The Milk Buds will perform twice each day of the show.

Equine event schedule

Events are scheduled for each day of Farm Technology Days, July 10-12.

• Billy Yoder Horsemanship Youth Clinic, 9 a.m.

• Meyer’s 10-Horse Hitch Pyramid & Milk Buds Hitch, 10:15 a.m.

• Mounted Justice, noon.

• Meyer’s 10-Horse Hitch Pyramid & Milk Buds Hitch, 1:15 p.m.

• Billy Yoder Horsemanship, 3 p.m.