We thank you for the article by Larry Scheckel about some of his family of bygone days. It was read with keen interest and we read it more than once. Larry has a likeable manner of recording a story: example, children’s shoes in the photo indication of prosperity. He shares the heart wrenching stories of the death of two children from diphtheria, of taking another to Chicago in hopes of finding help for epilepsy, of guilt feelings of another prompting suicide.

We’d like to know more of this Larry Scheckel. Is he a teacher or professor of history or what? Hope he writes more articles.

Both my husband and my ancestors migrated from Hesse, Darmstadt, Germany, for the very reasons Larry’s records why his ancestors did. My husband’s family settled near Milwaukee. Mine traveled to Nebraska.

We also appreciate your big cartoons. They ring clear to life in Nebraska when I was young. Thank you for a very fine paper. We also farm.

J and G Schottler

Somerset, WI