To the editor:

Regarding the opinion of two lawyers published in your Sep. 4 issue (page 4A, “Farming moratoriums are misguided”), a moratorium on CAFOs is truly appropriate, because farming is not under attack — CAFOs are under attack, and for a multitude of very good reasons.

The root cause of all the problems connected to CAFOs is a direct result of one ugly truth — they could not exist without their illegal immigrant labor force that continues to flow over our borders.

Every unit of government should recognize the cost to local citizens where illegals are in their communities. The employers who enable them should bear the impact costs.

CAFO owners are cheating crooks who profit at the expense of all citizens, especially local taxpayers (their neighbors.)

The employers and their defenders know they are violating our laws but are willing and eager to profit until they personally feel the legal consequences.

The rapidly disappearing family dairy farm could serve as the poster child that shows how megadairy CAFOs compete unfairly and illegally.

There should be a moratorium on all CAFOs until they can prove their employees are all here legally.

Enforce the law at every level and the problems associated with CAFOs will soon be minimal.

— Sylvia Pagel, Winnebago, Illinois