To the editor:

U.S. Rep. Ron Kind, D-Wis., is correct when he stated that the new farm bill is seriously flawed and fails to address any of the systemic problems facing family farms. It continues to incentivize overproduction, which will keep milk prices at ruinously low levels.

Megadairies will continue to receive the “lion’s share” of the government assistance, despite the fact that most of their labor force are not in this country legally.

In effect, the megadairies are receiving a double dose of corporate welfare. For decades they’ve been given a free pass from the federal government on their continued use of illegals.

Until our elected representatives, including Ron Kind, take the necessary action to enforce our laws and eliminate every gallon of milk produced using illegal labor from the marketplace, family dairy farms will continue to be driven out of business by megadairies operating outside our current law.

The “new” farm bill is worse than the old one, and only serves to lock in four more years of betrayal of all U.S.citizens.

Sylvia Pagel

Winnebago, Ill.