Why is it that spring is described as coming in like a lion or a lamb? Every year, school children make their spring predictions, creating cotton-ball lambs and tissue-paper lions on what March will bring for weather. This common phrase describes how the season changes so drastically from the cold of winter to the warmth of spring in mere days. And of course, within a few days be back in Old Man Winter’s clutches. Like this last year, when we had our last major blizzard in the middle of April.

But I think this year’s fall could easily be classified in the same way. Just a few short weeks ago, the heat of summer was still holding tight to September. Since then, we have seen our first frost of the year in central Wisconsin and the shorts and tank tops have been replaced with layers of sweatshirts and windbreakers. I have swapped out my flip-flops for tennis shoes and my water bottle for hot chocolate.

Each season, I make a point to enjoy the present weather and all it has to offer, but I have to admit that I am not ready to give up the heat of summer yet. I was thoroughly enjoying the sweltering heat and sunshine and am crossing my fingers for an Indian summer in October.

In all reality, now that the nicer weather has, at least for the time being, packed its bags and said its goodbyes, I have already welcomed the new season in the best way possible, with a cold. I’ve traded popsicles for Emergen-C, which seems like a lousy tradeoff to me.

Despite the return of cold season, fall does have its perks. One of my favorite fall activities is driving around and seeing all the pretty colors, the reds rising above all the other colors in my mind. I also love all the apple treats, including hot apple cider, apple pies and apple crisps. Looking out my kitchen window, I can see all the fruit anxiously waiting to be picked and turned into fresh treats and frozen ones for the dead of the winter. And I will admit, I already made one large pan of apple crisp and one homemade apple pie, both of which lasted less than a few days at my house.

I have to confess, I am even looking forward to the snowy days ahead, even though I hope they hold off for a while yet. The 17 inches of snow in April has tided me over well and I would be OK if it stayed brown well into December. With all the black caterpillars that are marching across the roads, it looks like it will be a hard winter, at least according to the old wives’ tales, and I am going to enjoy driving on dry roads for a little while longer.

Nonetheless, as October races on, all I can do is embrace the season and continue to take my vitamin C. Maybe if I am lucky, this will be my only cold of the year. One can always hope, right?

Jenessa Freidhof covers news and writes feature stories in north-central Wisconsin for The Country Today. She can be reached at jenessa.freidhof@ecpc.com.