Cabin fever got the best of us one recent evening, so we headed out to Amery Ale Works for a relaxing evening of pizza, beer and trivia.

There’s nothing like a trivia contest to reveal just how little one truly knows. At least, that’s what our team of four seemingly reasonably intelligent adults quickly discovered.

Dave and I have fond memories of competing in trivia contests on the cruise ship during our trip to Alaska in summer 2017 with readers of The Country Today and Old Allis News magazine.

At first, Dave insisted that he didn’t want to play aboard the ship, but we always talked him into it and often, he was the team’s shining star, pulling the solution to some obscure question out of thin air. In hindsight, I can see that his initial reluctance surely was about not wanting to make the rest of us look stupid.

Our teams were makeshift, consisting of whoever from our group happened to appear in the lounge that evening. The nightly brain teasers helped distract the queasiest among us from our seasickness, and most of the time, we were a force with which to be reckoned.

Sadly, that was not the case for our foursome at Amery Ale Works, a local brewery in the basement of a renovated barn that packs ‘em in on trivia night.

Almost all the questions that evening were related to St. Patrick’s Day, which was a few days away. We lamented that not a single question was about tractors or cows — our specialty.

We did OK in the first two areas — “Actual Knowledge” and “TV Timeout.” I pulled out an impressive save there when, a good 20 minutes after the query, I spontaneously recalled the name of the bar owner on “Cheers” — Sam Malone. The brain is a mysterious thing.

Pie, and Pi, was the focus of the next category. What are the three numbers of Pi after 3.14? 159, of course. (We may or may not have sent a quick text to our mathematically minded son in college on this one.) The official state pie of Florida? Key lime. What dairy product are New Englanders known for serving on apple pie? Pass the cheese, please.

We really hit our stride in a category entitled “AV Club.” Snippets from various songs sung by musical artists named Pat were played. Pat Benatar, Patty Lovelace, Patrick Swayze, Patsy Cline and Patti LaBelle ... . This was just too easy.

Alas, we were quickly humbled by the last category of the evening, “Silver Screen,” where we went 0 for 5. With that bitter defeat, our hopes of taking home the $25 prize were officially dashed.

We finished with just 23 correct answers out of a perfect 40. The victory went to a team calling themselves the Margarita Mamas.

I got the impression that they were regulars.

We went home feeling a little dumber than when we arrived. But we’ll be back, smarter, and if, by chance, the questioning turns to Allis-Chalmers equipment or grass-fed beef cattle, we’ll be a shoo-in. No one will be able to touch us there.