Three wetland mitigation projects are reaching completion as part of an effort to restore more than 150 acres in Sheboygan, Portage and Rock counties.

Restoration projects are funded by selling mitigation credits through the Wisconsin Wetland Conservation Trust. They are sold to offset impacts from other development projects.

The trust partners with a range of landowners, farmers, communities and conservation groups to address projects through watersheds that prevent net loss of wetlands. The Te Stroete project involved 31 acres in Sheboygan County near Lake Michigan.

“Sheboygan County is excited to partner with the Wisconsin Wetland Conservation Trust to restore our Te Stroete project and expand on existing county conservation projects already on the ground in the area,” said Aaron Brault, Planning and Conservation Director for Sheboygan County. “Projects like these helps reduce flooding, improve water quality and create wildlife habitat for our Lake Michigan watershed.”

In Rock County, the trust is restoring 74 acres in the Evansville State Wildlife Area, and the Portage County project involves privately-owned farmland.

The wetland mitigation projects in Sheboygan, Portage and Rock Counties began in 2019 and are the result of extensive site planning, data collection and regulatory review.

“The Wisconsin Wetland Conservation Trust is a great example of different landowners and the DNR working together. The program benefits developers, conservation and municipalities because development projects can be implemented while still protecting watersheds,” said Josh Brown, DNR Wisconsin Wetland Conservation Trust Program Coordinator.

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