The weather has turned chilly, so now I have no excuses for not making my favorite weeknight casseroles. There’s just something about pulling a hot dish out of the oven filled with a combination of meat, vegetables, potatoes or pasta and cheese that screams warmth and comfort!

Halloween is not high on my list of favorite holidays, but when you have kids or spend any time around children, you understand that Halloween is a big deal — a very big deal!

Despite what the stores shelves may be displaying, it is not holiday time just yet. But don’t feel you have to wait for Thanksgiving to enjoy the mighty cranberry. It is harvest time for this tart berry, so finding them fresh is going to be pretty easy in the immediate future.

It’s October and fall is officially here. The sun is setting sooner, the leaves are turning and football has consumed many a household. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays all usually have some form of football on our family’s schedule.

When you live just outside La Crosse, a community that hosts one of Wisconsin’s largest Oktoberfest celebrations, you don’t think twice when you see men wearing leather shorts and suspenders (lederhosen) or women donning dresses with tight bodices and gathered skirts (dirndls). They are prob…

I absolutely love fall, but it never lasts long enough, and I’m sure not fond of what comes next. I’m trying not to think about that next season and just enjoy fall while it lasts. One recent weekend we took in a high school football game in perfect weather, followed the next day by a Badger…

We are well into September, a month to celebrate going back to school, the beginning of fall, football season and three national food holidays. September is National Chicken Month, National Potato Month and National Honey Month.

Usually back-to-school lunch planning for me involves trying to come up with clever but tasty ways to make boring sandwiches not so boring or searching for inspirational recipe ideas online that will survive a few hours in a lunchbox, can be eaten cold and satisfies teenager hunger.

Cooking can be confusing, and I’m not just talking about the different processes, techniques and tricks that expert, seasoned cooks know about. Ingredients can also be confusing and even misleading.