COVID-19 testing

COVID-19 testing

Young adults between 20 and 29 years old make up the largest percentage of coronavirus cases in Eau Claire County. They are followed closely by people aged 40 to 49, according to Eau Claire City-County Health Department data.

The county has identified five new cases since Tuesday. Its total sits at 85 cases, said Lieske Giese, Health Department director.

Of the 78 cases currently tracked on the Health Department’s website,, 50 are in adults between 20 and 49.

“That may surprise some people,” Giese said. “We have a younger population here … the majority of our cases are in that adult age group.”

The county has released ages for 78 of 85 total cases, as of Wednesday:

  • Age 0 to 19: 5 cases
  • Age 20 to 29: 23 cases
  • Age 30 to 39: 12 cases
  • Age 40 to 49: 15 cases
  • Age 50 to 59: 10 cases
  • Age 60 or above: 13 cases

Social distancing has probably helped keep down the number of elderly county residents with the virus, Giese said.

Eau Claire County cases are split nearly in half between men and women: 40 cases in men, 37 in women.

The Health Department continues to have two open health investigations: One into a work site “where disease was spread because physical distance wasn’t maintained,” Giese said. The other is a congregate facility with unrelated people living in the same space.

Two or more cases at a work site or a group housing facility will spur a health investigation, according to the state Department of Health Services.

The county has tested 4,008 people for the virus, and has 150 tests still pending as of Wednesday. Of its 85 cases, 58 people have been released from isolation.

Statewide pattern

The county’s trend of high case numbers in young people mirrors the state’s. More cases have also been found in younger people statewide: 52% of all Wisconsin cases have been found in adults aged 20 to 49, according to DHS data.

But statewide data suggests the virus is far more dangerous for the elderly, who are hospitalized and receive intensive care at a significantly higher rate than younger adults with the virus.

Fifty percent of the state’s deaths are in people 80 and older.

The state is reporting 528 new cases of the virus as of Wednesday, for a total of 13,413. Statewide, 2,161 with the virus have been hospitalized, about 16% of total cases.

Fourteen new deaths were recorded since Tuesday. In total, 481 Wisconsin residents have died of the virus, according to the state DHS.

Eau Claire County’s COVID-19 hotline is 715-831-7425.

Contact: 715-833-9206,, @sarahaseifert on Twitter