Three new members were elected to the Eau Claire County Board in last week’s spring election. Results were released Monday beginning at 4 p.m.

Out of the 12 contested races, nine incumbents were reelected and three newcomers will join 26 other supervisors on the County Board.

Dane Zook unseated incumbent Bert Moritz in District 6, winning 58.7% of 969 total votes.

“I think it’s a great opportunity,” Zook told the Leader-Telegram.

In District 29, Missy Christopherson defeated incumbent Patrick LaVelle, receiving 525 votes (59.9%). In her first time running for elected office, Christopherson partially attributed her victory to work done before residents began quarantining, meeting potential voters.

“I was looking for something to make a difference,” Christopherson said.

Emily Huerta earned the District 16 seat by receiving 280 votes (61%), defeating Andrew Carrillo.

The closest race occurred in District 27, where incumbent Zoe Roberts edged out Randy DeMars, receiving 384 votes (51.8%) compared to 354 votes for DeMars. Roberts was appointed to the position in October 2019, a seat for which DeMars also applied.

New supervisors are scheduled to be sworn in during the April 21 County Board meeting.

Following are results for contested county board races in west-central Wisconsin:


District 4: Incumbent Terry Lee defeated Randal Braun. Lee received 255 votes (60%), and Braun received 168 votes.

District 27: Incumbent Bill Effertz defeated Dan Hopkins. Effertz received 211 votes (52.6%) and Hopkins received 190 votes.


Results not available at press time.


District 4: Lee McMenamin defeated incumbent Jared Zwiefelhofer. McMenamin received 662 votes, and Zwiefelhofer received 368 votes.

District 7: Incumbent Dean Gullickson defeated Dennis Fehr, receiving 702 votes. Fehr received 490 votes.


District 19: David Williams defeated incumbent Gordon Haselow. Williams received 147 votes, Haselow received 131 votes.

District 24: Incumbent Duwayne Trunkel defeated Rhonda Witte, receiving 199 votes to Witte’s 118 votes.

Eau Claire

District 2: Incumbent Sandra McKinney defeated Robert Haddeman, receiving 542 votes (77.1%) to 160 votes for Haddeman.

District 6: Dane Zook defeated incumbent Bert Moritz, receiving 569 votes (58.7%). Moritz received 400 votes.

District 9: Incumbent Donald Mowry defeated Todd McClain, receiving 588 votes (61.6%) to McClain’s 365 votes.

District 10: Incumbent Nancy Coffey defeated John Folstad, receiving 805 votes (56.9%). Folstad received 610 votes.

District 15: Incumbent and County Board Chair Nick Smiar defeated Tim Krueger, Jr., receiving 398 votes (80.7%). Krueger, Jr. received 80 votes.

District 16: Emily Huerta defeated Andrew Carrillo, receiving 280 votes (61%). Carrillo received 176 votes. The seat was left vacant after Lydia Boerboom resigned.

District 17: Incumbent Martha Nieman defeated Cynthia Burton, receiving 321 votes (60.9%). Burton received 205 votes.

District 18: Incumbent Jim Dunning defeated Chase Richard Matthews, tallying 73 votes (80.2%) compared to 18 votes for Matthews.

District 24: Incumbent Heather DuLuka defeated Josh Sterling, receiving 592 votes (62.5%) compared to 353 votes for Sterling.

District 25: Incumbent Melissa Janssen defeated Sam Mannhardt, receiving 673 votes (74.1%). Mannhardt received 229 votes.

District 27: Incumbent Zoe Roberts defeated Randy DeMars, receiving 384 votes (51.8%) compared to 354 votes for DeMars.

District 29: Missy Christopherson defeated incumbent Patrick LaVelle, receiving 525 votes (59.9%) compared to 350 votes for LaVelle.


District 10: Incumbent Michelle Mary Greendeer-Rave defeated Tom Cooper by a single vote, receiving 161 votes compared to 160 for Cooper.


District 6: Tessa King defeated incumbent Frank E. Milliren, receiving 72 votes. Milliren received 58 votes.

District 11: John McDonough defeated Remy Ceci. McDonough received 93 votes, and Ceci received 42 votes.


District 1: Incumbent Terry Dusell defeated Pete Boss, receiving 118 votes. Boss received 114 votes.

District 2: Jerry Biller defeated several candidates, receiving 16 votes. Mark Schmidt was runner-up with two votes.

District 5: Write-in candidate Timothy Miller defeated write-in Arlene Knopps, receiving 28 votes. Knopps received 15 votes.

District 12: Jim Meyer defeated incumbent Roger W. Gierke, receiving 119 votes. Gierke received 58 votes.

St. Croix

District 1: Incumbent Ed Schachtner defeated Lisa Lind, receiving 507 votes. Lind received 329 votes.

District 3: Bob Long defeated Steven Mael, receiving 585 votes. Mael received 277 votes.

District 4: Cathy Leaf defeated Robert Cizek, receiving 654 votes. Cizek received 405 votes.

District 5: Carah Koch defeated Tim Caruso, receiving 585 votes. Caruso received 549 votes.

District 7: Paul W. Berning defeated Andrew Hassan with 545 votes. Hassan received 411 votes.

District 10: Incumbent Dave Ostness defeated Jacquie Niccum, receiving 613 votes. Niccum received 483 votes.

District 11: Scott Counter defeated Gary R. Hanson with 588 votes. Hanson received 356 votes.

District 12: Incumbent Daniel Hansen received 481 votes, defeating Christopher Parent, who received 368 votes.

District 13: Scottie E. Ard defeated Ryan Sherley, receiving 440 votes. Sherley received 390 votes.

District 14: Incumbent Greg Tellijohn defeated William S. Leber with 456 votes. Leber received 381 votes.

District 16: Incumbent Paulette Anderson defeated Brandon Perry, receiving 590 votes. Perry received 378 votes.