BaredFeet Co. has announced the winners of its art competition.

The submissions were judged on three categories: clarity of theme (merging good and bad of 2020); creativity and originality; and overall impression.

Here are the winners and their cash prize amounts:

• First place: Lillian Hoeschen, eighth grade, Regis Middle School, for her digital piece "The World is Burning With Only Our Tears to Put it Out," $200.

• Second place: Elizabeth Schneider, age 16, Regis High School, $100.

• Third place, Alice Buske, ninth grade, Memorial High School, $50.

Here are the honorable mention winners: Simon Hamill, 8, Montessori; Lucille Kabes, 9, Montessori; Lily Schwartz, 10th grade, North High School; Niema Hussain, 17, home-schooled; Ava Johnson, 6, Montessori.

BaredFeet Co. is an Eau Claire-based nonprofit organization that provides wellness education classes and events to families of all backgrounds and income levels.

For more information go to or to the group's Facebook page.