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Chippewa Riverfront park in downtown Chippewa Falls will be the site of outdoor concerts and film screenings this summer.

CHIPPEWA FALLS — The city of Chippewa Falls will be bringing musical performances and outdoor movie screenings back to Chippewa Riverfront park in downtown Chippewa Falls this summer after taking all of 2020 off due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Musical performances are still being scheduled, but the three movie screenings will take place on July 24, Aug. 7 and Sept. 11. All events will be free and open to the public.

Chippewa Falls city planner Brad Hentschel said being able to hold events in the heart of Chippewa Falls again is a blessing the community desperately needs right now.

“We all miss being able to get outside and enjoy live events,” Hentschel said. “Everything was canceled last year, and rightfully so. But I think we’re in a position where we can do this safely, competently and allow for people to be in groups and enjoying entertainment again. It’ll help bring people downtown, who maybe haven’t been in the area for quite a while. It will help us get that much closer to a pre-pandemic normal.”

All of the events at Chippewa Riverfront will begin to be in mid-July Hentschel said. This time frame was put into play after coordinating with the cities of Altoona and Eau Claire to see when they will be holding outside event series.

While events will begin to be in downtown Chippewa Falls again this summer (barring any major resurgences of COVID-19), he said, a number of precautionary steps will be put into place at these events including the wearing of masks and social distancing.

“We’re starting later than normally we would have in an effort to allow those who want a vaccine to get one,” Hentschel said. “By that point it will be about people being smart about where they’re going and how they’re going about their lives. It is about responsibility, but by mid-July we should be at a point where people can abide by the cautionary steps we put in place and make up their own mind about what events they chose to attend or not.”

For more information on the musical performances and movie screenings coming to Chippewa Falls this summer, you can visit the Music & Movies at the Riverfront Facebook page.