The L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library in Eau Claire is seeking local musicians for its online streaming music platform, Sawdust City Sounds.

Artists of all genres are encouraged to submit their music for consideration through Saturday, Aug. 31. Library staff and local music experts will select up to 25 albums that will be available through Sawdust City Sounds.

On Friday, local musicians Greg Gilbertson and Jerrika Mighelle, who are involved in the project, will perform from 8 to 11 p.m. at The Plus, 205 S. Barstow St.

Gilbertson’s “Surviving the Echoes” is among the albums selected in the first submission period, and Mighelle, a musician herself, helped curate the collection.

To ensure that Sawdust City Sounds hosts a wide variety of music representing the current Eau Claire music scene, the following requirements for work will be considered:

• The collection will be limited to albums produced since Jan. 1, 2014.

• Albums must have at least seven tracks.

• A maximum of one album will be accepted per musical act each selection period.

• If a musician is in more than one musical act, each musical act can submit to be part of the collection.

• The collection will include music from musicians currently performing and/or based in the Eau Claire area.

• The minimum audio quality accepted will be 256kbps.

• The collection will include song covers only if the original song is available in the public domain, is under a creative commons license, or if the musician has obtained the legal right, in writing, to reproduce and perform the cover.

• All submissions will be reviewed by a team of jurors from a variety of musical backgrounds. From among the submissions that have met the above criteria, the selection committee will select and share music representing the diversity of musical genres that make up Eau Claire’s music scene.

Sawdust City Sounds has opened up digital access to local music, helping listeners find what they’re looking for, and musicians build their fan base. Anyone will be able to stream the music; no library card is required. If you are interested in submitting music for consideration, please visit

The first submission round yielded 23 albums by local performers: Nick Anderson and the Skinny Lovers; Blixtfalt; CollECtive Choir; Eggplant Heroes; Jim Engandela; FM Down; Giants of Midgard; Greg Gilbertson; The Heart Pills; Sage Leary; LWB; Jim Nelson; Peter Phippen; picard; Jim Pullman; The Rattlenecks; The Rhythm Kings; Bethany Shuda; TeawhYB; Tonebox; Whale House; Wrestle the Reaper; and Yata, Sinz and Orfield.

“As someone who’s absolutely infatuated with this music scene, I couldn’t be more thrilled with Sawdust City Sounds,” says Converge station manager and Sawdust City Sounds selection committee member Scott Morfitt. “The breadth of genres showcases just how blessed the community is with amazing musicians across the board. This selection offers a great starting point for anyone looking to see what the Eau Claire sound is all about.”

Thanks to the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library Endowment Fund, a $200 honorarium will be offered for each album that is selected. While artists will give the library permission to share their music on the Sawdust City Sounds platform for at least one year, the artists will retain all rights to their work.

For information, stop at Information & Reference on your next visit to the library, call 715-839-5004, or email the library at To learn more about library programs, check the library website at