Micon Cinemas is showing horror movies throughout October at its movie theaters in Eau Claire (pictured) and Chippewa Falls. Admission is $5, different films will be at each location, and each film will be shown for a week.

CHIPPEWA FALLS -- A local movie theater chain is bringing the scares in the month of October.

Micon Cinemas, a movie theater chain with two locations in Eau Claire and one in Chippewa Falls, is hosting what they’re calling “Fright Month” for the duration of October. Throughout the fall month they will be showing different horror movies every week for only $5. The films will only be available for a week at a time and Eau Claire, and Chippewa Falls will be offering different films.

The Chippewa Falls Micon Cinemas will be showing “Pet Semetary (2019),” through Thursday; “Scary Movie,” Friday through Oct. 15; “Paranormal Activity,” Oct. 16-22; “Scream,” Oct. 23-29; and “Rosemary’s Baby,” Oct. 30-Nov. 5.

The Eau Claire Micon Cinemas will be showing “American Psycho,” through Thursday; “Pet Semetary (1989),” Friday through Oct. 15; “Blair Witch Project,” Oct. 16-22; “Friday the 13th (1980),” Oct. 23-29; and “Saw,” Oct. 30-Nov.5.

“It’s cool that they’re playing so many different movies,” Micon Cinemas regular Adam Duncan said. “A lot of theaters usually show a couple in October for Halloween, but to have so many to choose from is a treat.”

In addition to more traditional adult themed horror movies, a small selection of scary movies for kids will be offered throughout the month as well. These titles include “Hocus Pocus,” “Coco” and “A Nightmare Before Christmas.”

Showing horror movies in October is old hat for Micon Cinemas, as scaled down “Fright Months” have been a tradition for the theater chain. In the past they’ve shown a few different horror movies on weekends during October, but the COVID-19 pandemic limiting the number of new movies they have to show prompted an expanded event for October 2020.

Micon Cinemas is taking steps to protect patrons against the spread of COVID-19 in a variety of different ways. Six feet of social distancing is enforced throughout all of their theaters through roped off aisles and lobby areas, face masks are required, seating is limited to under half in each screening room and sanitizing stations are readily available throughout each location.

For show times and ticket information at both theaters, go to miconcinemas.com. For more information call Micon 7 Eau Claire at 715-834-1245 or Micon Stadium 8 Chippewa Falls at 715-720-2291.