Iron Boy is a Native American drum group that performs in a contemporary style.

Iron Boy and friends will perform at 7:30 p.m. Saturday in Pablo Center at the Confluence’s Jamf Theatre, 128 Graham Ave.

Iron Boy, or Maza Wakpa Hoksila, is an original style Native American drum group with a contemporary flair. Iron Boy singers hail from Minneapolis, and their singers bring a distinctive stylistic approach to song and dance. From vocals to powerful drum beats, the group embodies the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Bizhiki Culture & Dance Company was founded based on public engagement and education, with the goal of furthering people’s understanding of indigenous cultures through interactive workshops and exhibitions. The professionals of Bizhiki engage audiences of all ages through intricate stories, traditional and contemporary dance and song, and demonstration of traditional ecological knowledge.

Tickets cost $20 plus fees and taxes and are available at 715-492-0240 and pablocenter.org.