Pablo Center at the Confluence has passed on its portion of donations from Together Chippewa Valley to its partner local, arts nonprofits.

The following groups have received funds: Chippewa Valley Book Festival, Chippewa Valley Jazz Orchestra, Chippewa Valley Symphony Orchestra, Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild, Chippewa Valley Writers Guild, Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra, Eau Claire Children’s Theatre, and Eau Claire Jazz Inc.

According to a news release from Pablo Center:

Pablo Center was a charter member of Together Chippewa Valley, a coalition formed to coordinate a response effort to address ongoing community needs during the COVID-19 crisis. The goal of the coalition was to raise funds through a first-of-its-kind community-wide fundraising initiative, collectively support local nonprofits’ missions, and to survive and thrive during this crisis.

The Chippewa Valley’s support exceeded aspirations with a total of $180,567 in donations received from individuals and organizations. Pablo Center and all other participating local nonprofits received a total donation of $9,484, which Pablo Center is now passing on to its partner arts nonprofit organizations. This equates to a donation of $1,185.50 to each organization.